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Why Virginia Tech?

The graduate program in the Department of Biochemistry at Virginia Tech prepares students for careers as independent researchers in biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology, molecular microbiology, biotechnology, and related areas. Training involves a combination of advanced course work, participation in seminars and journal clubs, and laboratory research conducted under the guidance of a faculty committee selected by agreement of the student, the faculty advisor, and the departmental Graduate Committee.

In addition, Student stipends are $25,000 per annum plus tuition and comprehensive health insurance.

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  • Molecular Biology of Cancer
  • Obesity
  • Vector-Borne Diseases
  • Drug Disovery
  • Protein Structure-Function
  • Enzymology
  • Host-Pathogen Interactions
  • Metabolomics
  • Molecular Microbiology
  • Computational Biochemistry

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    A Pterin-Dependent Signaling Pathway Regulates a Dual-Function Diguanylate Cyclase-Phosphodiesterase Controlling Surface Attachment in Agrobacterium tumefaciens

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